We are a non-profit organization geared towards helping families who have children with disabilities.

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Meet Maddie

Maddie’s Miracles was formed in honor of our daughter, Madeline Nordhoy, as a vehicle to provide support and hope for other families challenged with caring for a child with severe disabilities. Maddie was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder now known as Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome.

In Maddie’s case, the effect of her syndrome has been severe, causing multiple disabilities and leaving her tube fed and unable to walk or talk. Over the 21 years since Maddie’s birth, we have experienced first-hand the challenges of caring for our special angel and realize how fortunate we are to have the resources to provide for her care. It also made us think about how difficult this would be if we did not have the ability to pay for the care and equipment that Maddie needs to have any reasonable quality of life.

From the big things like having functional mobility devices and lifts to the little things like clothes, diapers, toys, as well as, just daily assistance, caring for a child such as Maddie takes a lot. We want to help.



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