Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and outlook for children with profound special needs and their families which care for them. Focusing on children suffering from debilitating neuromuscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy as well other rare genetic disorders, we aim to provide life-changing home modifications, medical equipment and support services for families in desperate need of help. We understand the enormous stress and life-long challenges of caring for these children and seek to provide relief and make a real difference in the lives of local Berks County families in need. We want to help.


Criteria for Benefit Selection

Each year, Maddie’s Miracles will select the specific families/cases in Berks County to fund projects based on three general criteria:

  1. The severity of the family’s need for help due to the child’s medical condition and the current logistical or care-giving challenges
  2. The family’s level of resources and ability to self-fund needed or desired changes (prioritization given to those with the most limited resources)
  3. The ability for the foundation to define specific projects or interventional support to make a material difference in the families’ circumstances


Mechanism for beneficiary nomination:

Potential candidates for funding support can be submitted via website for consideration through two separate mechanisms:

  1. Annual Fall Enrollment period for selection of major projects (over $5,000 cost)
    1. Principally in-home modification projects or substantial purchases of capital goods or equipment
    2. Enrollment is ongoing throughout the year.
    3. Project selection and awarding of funds each December
    4. Funding awards determined by Board of Directors Awards Committee
  2. Ongoing (all year long) supplemental support for a family nomination/request process for lower cost support opportunities
    1. Transportation needs
    2. In-home supplies
    3. Classroom equipment
    4. Therapy equipment
    5. Benefits consultation
Annual Fall Enrollment
Ongoing Supplemental Support
Nominate A Family