We started off 2021 in an extremely positive way by helping a fourth family, providing them with home modifications and a bathroom renovation. Maddie’s Miracles heard about this family (who would like to remain anonymous) from a local Berks County teacher who had become close with them over the years.

The family cares for their son who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a young age. For those who don’t know, Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that effects muscle movement, muscle tone and posture and is caused by damage to the brain before birth.

Living with this disorder brings certain challenges that the family and their son face every day like toileting, bathing and transferring their son around the house. Maddie’s Miracles was able to renovate their bathroom to make these daily tasks much easier.

We were able to widen their door frame and install a custom shower stall with a bench and grab bars for easy access and use. Not only were we able to provide this family with home modifications that make their lives easier, but also gave them each a sense of independence they did not have before. We were so happy to finish this project and see the final results. Thank you to all those who have supported us along this journey!

No names are mentioned to respect the anonymity of the family.