At Maddie’s Miracles we provide much more than bathroom remodels and handicap accessible vans. We understand every family is different and provide whatever is most necessary based on their needs. The Swartz family heard about Maddie’s Miracles through their service coordinator who thought we might be able to help.

When we reached out to Tara and her daughter Morgan, we learned that they had been dealing with unique challenges like moving into a new townhome, which wasn’t properly equipped to accommodate Morgan’s disabilities. Morgan was diagnosed with spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, blindness, and a profound developmental delay. As you can imagine, having multiple disabilities makes everyday tasks much more challenging.

There were multiple modifications to the home that needed to be done, so we gave the Swartz family a substantial grant to be able to modify various parts of their home to accommodate Morgan like a ramp, handicap accessible bathroom and more.